We are approaching the summer season in the US and for many of us that means family gatherings.  Between the countless scorched hot dogs and vats of potato salad we will find time to sit around a picnic table and catch each other up on the seminal events that have shaped our lives since we […]

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Geneabloggers has an open thread on  Serial Entrepreneurship and the Genealogy Industry that looks at the rising number of genealogy related internet sites and software tools.  A few good questions are posed about whether this spike in attention is a good thing, does the incubator model prove helpful to the genealogy community, and also asks […]

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Thankful Thursday – Family Antiquities

March 24, 2011
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Geneabloggers daily prompt is for Thankful Thursday and that got me to thinking about what I am thankful for in my research. There are many thankful roads I could have traveled but for this post I settled on the Family Antiquities road.  I can recall as a young boy sitting with my paternal grandfather and […]

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Preserving Photographs And Documents

March 12, 2011
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One of the joys of genealogy is being able to look back into time through old photographs, the visual images bring a depth and meaning to the cold hard facts that we so often deal with.  It is not uncommon to come into contact with old photographs and documents that have been kept in boxes […]

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Prune Your Family Tree

February 28, 2011
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Do you prune your family tree?  Do you keep your family tree, and your primary research, limited to those of your direct paternal and maternal lines?  Do you allow only blood relatives in your tree?  Alternatively, do you let your family tree grow wild and connect in all sorts of in-laws and out-laws through marriages […]

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Ancestry.com Family Trees

February 27, 2011

An open letter to Ancestry.com Ancestry.com is an incredibly valuable resource, their online collection of records is certainly the most extensive collection available to the general public.  I have been a subscriber to Ancestry.com for several years and one of the best innovations that they have come out with were the Ancestry.com family trees and […]

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1940 Census Data Availability

February 14, 2011
1940 Census

On April 2, 2012 the National Archives will release the 1940 Census data, which according to law must be kept private for 72 years.  Many genealogists are eagerly awaiting this once in a decade event.  For many this will help piece together some missing elements of their puzzle and it will certainly open up some new questions […]

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Digital Media Explosion

February 12, 2011
Digital Media Explosion

An Article in the journal Science recently estimated the total information storage of human existence at about 295 exabytes, give or take a terabyte.  For this information to of any meaningful value we have to put an exabyte into perspective.  Most of us have become comfortable with the concept of a gigabyte, typically home computer hard drives […]

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Professional Genealogy Research

February 9, 2011
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In a prior post I had written about my own use of paid professional genealogy research.  I found this researcher from participating in a geography specific forum.  I knew from other posts that he had extensive experience in the specific region of Germany that I knew my ancestors were from and I had also read […]

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Preserve Your Family History

February 5, 2011

The currency of genealogical research is the common set of data or facts that is typified by the data elements and relationships identified within the GEDCOM format.  Date of birth, date of death, surname, mother’s maiden name, place of origin, these are but a few of the very common facts of information that form the […]

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