by Dave Voelker on February 3, 2011

Digicopia Genealogy Resources seeks to make your research more fruitful by providing useful tips, insights and expertise in ancestry research.  We strive to provide you with useful information to assist in your own research and post articles of our own as well as pointers to some of the best information on genealogy and family history that we find elsewhere on the web.

I have been performing research on my family ancestry for more than 15 years and I have invested many hours into developing a better understanding of the data that is available and how to find it. I have learned a lot since I started my search years ago and I hope that others can benefit from this site in their own search.

An information systems professional by trade I am also very interested in genealogy software, how we capture and share information about our ancestors.  Anyone with a particular interest in this side of genealogy please subscribe and keep up to date with our latest happenings.

In addition to the generalized genealogy and family information Digicopia Genealogy Resources also houses all of my genealogical research on the descendants of  Balthasar Völker from Weiberhof, Bavaria and in particular his great-grandson Martin Völker who emigrated from Sailauf, Bavaria to the US in 1849.