Voelker Family History

by Dave Voelker on February 27, 2011

Voelker Family Genealogy

In 1849 Martin Völker left his hometown in Sailauf, Bavaria and made his way to the United States. He settled on the western frontier in Cincinnati, Ohio and started a family that has remained in the area more than six generations.

The story of the Völker / Voelker family history can be found here where we keep all of our data. I am currently using the webtrees software to provide an organized means of displaying this information, Voelker Family History will take you  to this information.

I also maintain an Ancestry.com family tree and anyone with an Ancestry.com account that would like to see my information there should email me and I will grant you access to my data at Ancestry.com.

One of the things our family was blessed with is a collection of original documents from our emigrated ancestor Martin Völker.  We were very fortunate that our family has preserved over the years a number of original documents from Martin including birth certificate, military dismissal papers, citizenship papers and more.  These are wonderful documents to have a clear link to our family heritage.  As one might expect, these have also been very useful in unearthing additional information about our ancestral homeland and family in Bavaria.