Voelker Family Antiquities Archive

by Dave Voelker on February 27, 2011

The Voelker family antiquities are links to high-resolution scans of original documents that have been handed down over several generations.  These documents are an important link to our family family ancestry and history.  The oldest of these documents is approaching 200 years old and my goal is to make them widely available in detail while still preserving the physical documents.

The size of these documents is large in order to preserve the detail that is available in a high-resolution scan.  In our cable-modem era this is less of a concern than it once was but be aware that these are large documents.  Some browsers may auto-adjust the size of these document to fit within a browser window without creating scrollbars, Microsoft’s Internet Explorer is known to do this.  This page on Microsoft’s site explains this behavior and how to disable this if you wish.

Martin Völker birth certificate (old German) (translated)Martin Völker birth certificate

Martin Völker birth certificate back sideMartin Völker birth certificate back side (old German) (untranslated, please help)

Martin Völker baptism certificateMartin Völker baptism certificate (old German) (translated)

Martin Völker military dismissalMartin Völker military dismissal (old German) (translated)

Martin Voelker citizenship papersMartin Voelker citizenship papers (English note that Martin has now changed the spelling of his last name)

Martin Voelker marriage licenseMartin Voelker marriage license (English)

Bernadina Catharina Brockhuis birth certificateBernadina Brockhuis (Martin’s wife) birth certificate (old German) (translated)

Gerhard Heinrich Brockhuis birth certificateGerhard Heinrich Brockhuis (Bernadina’s brother) birth certificate (old German) (translated)